Light Transformed
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May 6, 2007
In 2007 I received a generous grant from the Burning Man Art festival. My project was an interactive, self-contained electrical system powered solely and directly by the user and the sun. The audience engages with the piece literally as the engine, generating electricity on a stationary bicycle. The visual result of this work is an interactive video projection, which the participant engages with as they power the piece. This project brought together diverse interests of mine and forced a steep learning curve as I only had four months to build the installation after I received the grant. As project leader, I put together a dedicated, if eclectic, team ranging from my physics professor to my bike messenger roommate. We made it work. The software and hardware came together in time to exhibit the piece in New York, San Francisco, and finally triumphantly under the famous effigy in the desert of Nevada, where the Burning Man festival takes place.
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Under the Man
The Light Transformed is Light installation snuggled up under the Green Man.
Light Transformed at Burning Man
The installation for Burning Man at Black Rock City.
Dust Storm
The installation weathers a dust storm.
Light Transformed Bicycle
The stationary bike powered the interactive video projection.
Light Transformed Bike 2
The Light Transformed is Light installation at Hunter College art gallery.
Ominous skies
Installation Screen.


Video Excerpt
Exceprt from the video wallpaper.