Self Similarity Art Show
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October 10, 2013
Self-similarity- the recursive repetition of a structure at different scales or places in a larger form- is ubiquitous in the natural and built environments. It is an emergent phenomenon, generating complexity from a simple initial pattern and a set of transformations on that pattern. Trees, clouds, and coastlines as well as skyscrapers, Hindu temples, and quilts all exhibit prominent self-similarity in repetition, branching patterns, curves, or substructures. Artists have long been fascinated with self-similarity as a means to generate intricate forms, as catharsis for obsessive compulsions, and as an organizing principle for their work. Curated by Hallie Cohen & Samwell Freeman
Tags: Art Fractal Curation


Observing the Fractal
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Look at the aperiodicity!
Tags: Fractal Mirror
John Hiigli
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Beautiful hexagonal saturated frequencies.
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Devin Powers & students tape install.
John Hiigli
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Paintings by John Hiigli
We Like 2 Draw
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My <a href="">We Like 2 Draw</a> interac...
Mirror Detail
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Look at the depth of field.
Caleb Nussear
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Beautiful Penrose mirrors!


We Like 2 Draw Screen Grab
Screen grab of we like 2 draw interactive fractalization machine.