Liquid Canvas Displays
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February 2, 2015
Interactive canvases. Hybrids of homemade electronics fused to canvas to tell a stories in both pixels and paint unfolding through gestural, tactile, or aural interaction.
Tags: Art Painting Interactive


Gif Chase crop
run around
Tags: Art Movie
Vanishing Point Adjuster
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Turn the wheel to adjust perspective transformation.
Panchromatic Proximity Sensor
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LEDs are excited by closeness.
Panchromatic GIF
Panchromatic proximity
LEDs excited by the closeness of hands.
Sound of Water gif maker
The wonderful haiku by Basho: a still lake, a frog jumps in, the sound of water.


Basho Haiku
Translations of Basho's Sound of water haiku. The old pond; A frog jumps in — The sound...
Color Dreams
Vanishing Point Color Dreams.
Oange Explosion