We Like 2 Draw
Welike2draw sample
May 30, 2010
Web-based colaborative drawing program. Allows participants to draw with friends neighbors and strangers, save their work, incorporate images and build on top of others drawings.
Tags: Art Software Fractal Interactive Drawing


Cartoon Spiral
Screenshot 2016 06 02 14.51.28
Color swirls!
WeLike2Draw Application
Exhibits 4 2 self similarity
WeLike2Draw exhibited at the Marymount College gallery in Manhattan.
WeLike2Draw Screen Shot
Screenshot 2016 06 02 14.51.47
Nice spirals.
Monochrome Spiral
Screenshot 2016 06 02 14.50.59
Fluffy feeling fractals.
Star Spiral
Screenshot 2016 06 02 14.51.15
Star swirls.
Face Flower
Welike2draw smaple2
Face Flower unfurls.
Skin Fractalization
Welike2draw sample


We Like 2 Draw Screen Grab
We Like 2 Draw is a collaborative drawing board with unique computational capabilities. R...