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GE Robot
The GE robot was made from a GE TV and GE plexi-glass, and a lightbulb suit.
Jack Welch on GE TV Robot
Jack Welch as the video head of the GE robot.
Red Bristle Brush 2
The painting activated.
Light Transformed Bike 2
The Light Transformed is Light installation at Hunter College art gallery.
We Like 2 Draw Screen Grab
We Like 2 Draw is a collaborative drawing board with unique computational capabilities. R...
WeLike2Draw Screen Shot
Screenshot 2016 06 02 14.51.47
Nice spirals.
We Like 2 Draw Screen Grab
Screen grab of we like 2 draw interactive fractalization machine.
Cartoon Spiral
Screenshot 2016 06 02 14.51.28
Color swirls!
Red Bristle Brush
My First Interactive painting. Pulling the red bristle brush reveals a vibrant pink stri...
Panchromatic Proximity Sensor
Screenshot 2016 06 02 14.22.52
LEDs are excited by closeness.
Panchromatic GIF
Panchromatic proximity
LEDs excited by the closeness of hands.
Sound of Water gif maker
The wonderful haiku by Basho: a still lake, a frog jumps in, the sound of water.
Star Spiral
Screenshot 2016 06 02 14.51.15
Star swirls.
Monochrome Spiral
Screenshot 2016 06 02 14.50.59
Fluffy feeling fractals.
Face Flower
Welike2draw smaple2
Face Flower unfurls.
Skin Fractalization
Welike2draw sample
Basho Haiku
Translations of Basho's Sound of water haiku. The old pond; A frog jumps in — The sound...
Color Dreams
Vanishing Point Color Dreams.
Oange Explosion
Vanishing Point Adjuster
Screenshot 2016 06 02 14.22.39
Turn the wheel to adjust perspective transformation.
Ominous skies
Installation Screen.
WeLike2Draw Application
Exhibits 4 2 self similarity
WeLike2Draw exhibited at the Marymount College gallery in Manhattan.
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