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Hopi I Hope
Nonlinear Time cloud. Wagua Water Wasser Weau.
Tags: Art Video
Fertility of Brutality
The Fertility of Brutality is a kaleidoscopic, visual and acoustic journey through the my...
Tags: Art Video
Muhammad Yunus
Chorus Verse chorus song about quanta.
Tags: Art Video
Bar Sense
A day in New York City.
Tags: Art Video
A movie celebrating elephants.
Tags: Art Video
Jack Welch on GE TV Robot
Jack Welch as the video head of the GE robot.
NYSE Intervention
Attempted to buy a share of GE stock on the New York Stock Exchange while wearing a light...
GE HQ Performance
Went to GE Headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut to give gifts to the corporation which ...
Beautalyzer Video Documentation
Video documenting several installations of Beautalyzer and the type of imagery it can gen...
Video Excerpt
Exceprt from the video wallpaper.
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